The engineer Vincenzo Beltrami found his own shipyard in Sturla, close to Genoa in 1917. His technic knowledge made him collaborate with some of the best designers of his time starting that way a large constructor career. That also brought him to modify systematically all the designs presented to him. In the Nerissa’s case some of the tremendous arguments still resounds in the ear of the Technic Director of the shipyard, mister Vincenzo Troccoli, and Arthur Robb, who at last, saw his design of the forepeak modified.

It is said that during the construction of any of his boats the engineer Beltrami used to revise the hull, strake by strake, with a magnifying glass. If the littlest thread of hemp appeared in a seam, he ordered to undo the entire line and redo again the caulk. That way mister Troccoli could be sure that nowadays the Nerissa still maintains its original caulk. Actually, its current owner is happy about his yachts proverbial sealing.

nerissaNerissa was owned by Earl Cinzano Marone, Martini’s producer and it had the flotation line painted with Cinzano’s house colours: blue and red.

One of its older commandants remembers a journey with the Nerissa from Argentario, in Toscana (Tyrrhenian Sea) to Athens, in which the owner, mister William Whitehouse-Vaux, banned to use the motor during the entire journey. Those excellent qualities of the Nerissa still allows to its owner to do the same at the expense of its family’s despair.