Notice of Race



The Barcelona Royal Yacht Club (RCNB), delegated by the Royal Spanish Sailing Federation (RFEV), is in charge of organizing the 12th edition of the PUIG VELA CLÀSSICA BARCELONA Regatta (for Vintage and Classic Yachts, Big Boats, 15-meter and 12-meter international rule boats) sponsored by Puig.

The 12th annual PUIG VELA CLÀSSICA BARCELONA Regatta is an event featured on the Spanish Royal Sailing Federation’s (RFEV) official calendar and counts towards Spain’s 2019 national championship for Vintage and Classic Yachts as well as the 9th Mare Nostrum Trophy.


The 12th annual PUIG VELA CLÀSSICA BARCELONA regatta will take place off the coast of Barcelona July 10 to 13, 2019.


3.1 The regatta will be governed by the following rules:

  • The 2017-2020 WORLD SAILING International Sailing Rules for Regattas (RRV).
  • The current International Mediterranean Committee (CIM) rules for measurement and for Vintage and Classic Yacht regattas.
  • The RFEV provisions are available at: uploaded_files/Document_3219_20180719092630_es.pdf.
  • International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea.
  • RFEV 2019 Technical Regulations for Yachts:
  • From the official end of one day to the next, the rules of the second part of the RRV are replaced by the International Regulations for Avoiding Collisions at Sea (RIPAM).
  • In the rules governing this regatta, an NP warning denotes that a violation of this rule will not be cause for protests by boats. [Amends R60.1(a) of the RRV]. RFEV regulations for competitions.

3.2 If there are discrepancies between this Notice and the Regatta Instructions, the latter and its eventual modifications will prevail.
3.3 If there are language discrepancies, the Spanish version will prevail.


4.1 Participants must comply with the provisions set forth in the World Sailing Eligibility Code (Regulation 19).
4.2 Participants of Spanish nationality, legal residents in Spain, or those competing in boats attached to a Spanish Club must be in possession of the 2019 Federal Authorized Athlete’s License


The following categories may participate in the 12th PUIG VELA CLÀSSICA BARCELONA Regatta:

  • Vintage boats: Boats built up until 31 December 1949 and built in accordance with the CIM regulation criteria.
  • Classic boats: Boats built between 1 January 1950 and 31 December 1975 and built in accordance with the CIM regulation criteria.
  • International class 6mR boats. There must be at least 3 boats enrolled to form a group; if not, they must be enrolled in the CIM Vintage Gaffer category.
  • International class 15-metre IR boats. There must be at least 3 boats enrolled to form a group; if not, they must be enrolled in the CIM Vintage Gaffer category.
  • International class 12-metre IR boats. There must be at least 3 boats enrolled to form a group; if not, they must be enrolled in the CIM Vintage Gaffer category.
  • Big Boats: These are vintage or classic boats measuring 23 metres or more. A minimum of three boats must be entered to form a group.

5.2 The Organizing Committee can subdivide the participating classes in groups, the so-called subdivisions will be by type of boat, APM, length, always in terms of the CO and always with at least 4 boats in the group.


6.1 Official entry requires completion and submission of the attached form.

6.2 Entry fees for the regatta will be as follows:

  • For boats equal to or greater than 23 metres long: € 430
  • Between 22.99 and 20 metres: € 320
  • Between 19.99 and 15 metres: € 270
  • Between 14.99 and 12 metres: € 230
  • For boats measuring less than 12 metres long: € 190

(VAT exempt rates when invoicing physical individuals)

6.3 Entry fees shall be paid by bank transfer to the Real Club Náutico de Barcelona, indicating the name of the boat and the name of the event to:

Banking details:
Banco Sabadell Atlántico
Agencia Pla de Palau
Account number: 0081-0163-61-0001988006
IBAN: ES9000810163610001988006

6.4 Completed entry forms, a photocopy of the valid IR CIM certificate (whichever is appropriate for the boat’s category) and a photocopy of the payment receipt or wire transfer must be sent to:

Muelle de España s/n

6.5 It will be the responsibility of the boat owner or his representative to verify — by email — that the entry form has successfully reached the Organizing Committee.

6.6 Entry forms and fees must be submitted along with the following documents:

  • A copy of the current insurance policy, which includes coverage of public liability (third person or property damage), or extension of public liability and third party damage cover up to at least €601,012
  • A copy of the receipt for payment of the applicable insurance coverage.
  • A copy of the CIM measurement certificate valid for 2019.
  • List of crew members (to be completed in the regatta office).
  • Spanish crew members or those sailing on a boat attached to a Spanish Club, and legal residents in Spain must have a valid Federal Authorized Athlete’s License. Foreign crew members who are not in possession of a sports federation license must provide a photocopy of their passport to the regatta office during the registration period
  • Duly completed and signed entry form.
  • Sailing declaration (to be completed in the regatta office).
  • Authorization from the corresponding national authority to display advertising, if applicable

6.7 Entries must be finalised before Wednesday, July 10 2019 at 2pm.

6.8 The Organising Committee reserves the right to extend this date.

6.9 After 2pm on July 11, the Organizing Committee will no longer accept any entry which has not submitted its valid CIM certificate to the regatta office. (Amends rule 12 RRV).


7.1 The sports programme will take place as follows:


7.2 Three races have been planned  each day. Each team may participate in no more than two races per day. At least one race must be completed in order to determine the winner of the 12th PUIG VELA CLÀSSICA BARCELONA Regatta for each of the established participating classes.

7.3 The sailing instructions will be distributed in the regatta office once the registration has been completed and in accordance with section 6 of this regatta notice.


The regatta courses will be detailed in the official regatta instructions.


The Measurement Committee may require all participating boats to undergo measurement inspections. Boats may be inspected at any time, before, during and after the regatta.


10.1 The RRS Appendix A Low Point scoring system will be used.

10.2 The total score for each ship will be the sum of all its points.


There will be a ranking of boats within each official class and/ or group


12.1 This regatta’s safety guidelines will be considered as Category 12.1 in accordance with the WORLD SAILING Special Rules for High Sea Regattas. The sailing courses are of Type C (According to CIM Regulation 18).

12.2 All boats must be equipped with a VHF radio that receives Channel 16 and all of the official regatta communication channels.

12.3 All participating boats must use their own motor to navigate within the Port of Barcelona, as well as respect and abide by this harbour’s navigation guidelines.

12.4 It shall be the responsibility of each boat owner or captain to comply with the specific and general laws concerning recreational boats, in terms of navigation, administrative formalities and safety.


The awards list will be posted on the official bulletin board (TOA).

The awards ceremony will take place after the overall rankings are published on Saturday, 13 July 2019.

Other activities may be organized during the event, they will be posted on the official bulletin board (TOA).


Officially registered competitors whose boat’s home ports are located outside of Catalonia will be provided free mooring (excluding expendable supplies) at the Barcelona Royal Yacht Club (RCNB) July 1-31, 2019.

Officially registered competitors whose boat’s home ports are located in Catalonia will be provided free mooring (excluding expendable supplies) at the Barcelona Royal Yacht Club (RCNB) July 6-21, 2019.

Owners and captains of participating boats using the above-mentioned moorings for the duration of the event will do so at their own risk and responsability.

Boats participating in the 12th PUIG VELA CLÀSSICA BARCELONA will qualify for special discounts valid from the end of their official participate in July through August 31, 2019.

Boats escorting participants officially entered in this regatta and wishing to dock (providing space is available) at the Real Club Náutico de Barcelona must pay applicable RCNB mooring fees.


15.1Copyrights for all images taken during the Regatta are the sole property of and exclusively reserved for the Barcelona Royal Yacht Club (RCNB) and Puig.
No publicity whatsoever can be done without the express authorization from the RCNB and Puig.
15.2 The participants authorize the sponsor(s) and the organizing authority to use their name and image or that of the boat with which they are participating in any text, photograph or video montage published or disseminated by any form of media (including press, TV or Internet advertising) as editorial comments, information or publicity. Likewise, the participants’ names and biographical material may be used or reproduced by any known means.
15.3 The participants shall not undertake or allow any act of reproduction, public communication or distribution of images of the regatta without prior authorization from the R.C.N. Barcelona.
15.4 Prior written authorization from the organizing authority is required for any advertising carried out by the participants, their sponsors or by persons, entities and organizations directly or indirectly linked to them, at the Club Facilities or in the pontoons provided, aside from that of the event’s sponsor, clubs or organizing committee.

15.5 Any breach of this rule will lead to the automatic exclusion from the competition of the boat related to the unauthorized advertising, without reimbursement of the registration rights of the regatta participants.


All those who participate in this Regatta do so at their own risk and responsibility.

The Organizing Committee, and any individuals or entities involved in the event’s organization, decline all responsibility for losses, damages, injuries or inconveniences that might occur to persons or things, on land or at sea, as a result of their participation in any of the races outlined in this official regatta notice.

We bring your specific attention to the Fundamental Rule number four (4), DECISION TO TAKE PART IN THE RACE, in Part 1 of the RRV which states:

“It is the sole responsibility of each boat to decide to participate in a race or to continue in a regatta”.

Barcelona, November 2018