The “MARGARITA esta linda la mar” was built in 1972 by Cantieri Sangermani following a design by Cesare Sangermani and his son, who is the current director of the shipyard, building number 183. The idea was to create a boat designed and built completely by them so it could take part in races as the shipyard representantive. The hull is made of Great Bazan’s mahogany wood over a laminate iroko keel, laminate acacia and oak ribs, laminate mahogany beams, laminate iroko and acacia bulkheads, and mahogany plywood in the deck, lined with Burma teak.

The boat participated in several races representing the shipyard with the Belgian Yacht Club of Brussels’ flag, but had not succeeded.

We found the yacht in Cambrils in 2009 looking worse as it really was, and since then, we’ve been restoring and taking care of it. It only needed one great work, which was the renovation of the deck.