Regata Puig Vela Clàssica closes its 16th edition integrating the classic legends with the future progress of the 37th America’s Cup

  • Argyll, Marigan, Disparate, Argos, Ojala II, Legolas and Viveka, winners of the 16th edition.
  • Puig Vela Clàssica Regatta and America’s Cup: tradition and the vanguard of sailing share ties.
  • An unprecedented parade of sailing boats and a “reverse regatta”, the highlights of the third day.

Puig Vela Clàssica Regatta folds its sails until 2024, the year in which it will share the waters of Barcelona with the contenders for the America’s Cup, after a successful edition in which almost 50 yachts and 400 participants have competed for the various trophies up for grabs. With Argyll, Marigan, Disparate, Argos, Ojala II, Legolas and Viveka as the winners of the general classification of their respective categories, the 16th edition of the competition bids farewell until September 2024.
The third and final day of the 16th Puig Vela Clàssica began with the parade of the fleet, which, after casting off at the Real Club Náutico de Barcelona, passed in an orderly fashion over the large bridge that links the Portal de la Pau with the Maremagnum. As it passed, the public was able to enjoy the slow passage of the boats and a presentation of each yacht by the president of the Spanish Vintage Boat Association, Leonardo García de Vicentiis.

Once on the race course, the third race began with the innovative Reverse Start system, starting one at a time and in order of highest to lowest rating, calculated over the 9.7 miles of today’s course. This offers the theoretical opportunity to all reach the finish line at the same time, with the first to cross the line being the winner of the regatta, in their category. Of course, the human factor decides the competition.

The first boat to start was the classic Le Temps Perdu, starting the course with a timid wind from Garbí (South), which today blew between 8 and 10 knots. This innovative system made it possible to see the performance of the boats of the different groups facing each other, and the sporting honour of being the best of all the participants.

Thrilling outcome of the reverse race

As the course progressed (one upwind, one downwind, one across and back to the first upwind mark) the best boats in the fleet were grouping together, with the final sprint to the inside of the north entrance still to come. But first they had to leave a buoy at the stirrups and a last mark, slightly more to windward of the direct course towards the mouth of the harbour. At the last upwind mark, Marigan (Época Cangreja) was leading, but Argyll (Época Bermudian) had cut the lead to just one minute, promising a breathtaking finish. Further behind, Mariska (Big Boat), Argos (Classics 2) and Viveka (Big Boat) started the final phase, and when the excitement centred on whether Marigan would hold off Argyll, both boats forgot about the last mark. Whilst Argyll was able to lower the spinnaker and go upwind without a tack to the passing point, Marigan had to back upwind with a tack. Thus, there was a new alternative for the final outcome just a mile from the finish line. Mariska and the other boats sailed through at maximum speed towards the last mark, placing them very close to the new leader Argyll, whilst Marigan fell to third position, seeing how the bigger Viveka overtook them in the final metres of the downwind leg inside the port of Barcelona.

Final standings largely unchanged

Mariska’s victory today in Big Boats did not allow it to overtake Viveka, which managed to win in its category. Hallowen finished third today, the same position in their final classification. In Bermudian Époque, Argyll achieved its third partial victory today, which earned it the first position, ahead of Manitou, today third, which was able to defend the second step of the podium against Almarán New York, which finished today’s race in second position. Also in the Época but with Cangreja rig, the partial results of the first two days were repeated, confirming the victory of the Marigan, followed by the Gipsy and Freda.

There were no surprises in Classics 1, and the final podium was confirmed with the Disparate on the highest step of the podium, followed by the Nerissa and the Kahurangi, which have maintained the same order throughout the Puig Vela Clàssica. In Classics 2 there were no changes in the partial results of previous days, and therefore in the classification. The Argos, Clarionet, Sea Fever and Asu were classified in this order. But the close fight for the next three positions altered things, with Melibea II finally finishing fifth, one point ahead of Baltar, who in turn took another point from seventh-placed Karmatan II.

Legolas, Malira and Phidias in Modern Classic matched previous results and maintained the final order, while in Classics IOR after the unbeatable Ojala II today Sandra overtook Emeraude, but with no margin to steal its wallet and win the second step of the podium.

Puig Vela Clàssica Regatta and America’s Cup: Tradition and vanguard

Puig, continuing its long history of sports sponsorship and its commitment to the city of Barcelona, recently announced its partnership with the 37th America’s Cup, both as a global sponsor of the event and as the namesake of the first Women’s America’s Cup. This innovative initiative will provide female sailors with a platform to showcase their skills and talent in high-performance America’s Cup AC40s. By supporting the Puig Women’s America’s Cup regatta, Puig demonstrates its commitment to promoting gender equality within the sport of sailing.

To see the video summary of the third day, click on the following link.

Winners of the overall classification:

Bermudian Vintage

Cangreja Vintage

Classic 1

Classic 2

Classic IOR

Modern Classic

Big Boat

To see the results of the third day and the complete overall standings, click on the following link.