• The Mediterranean’s most incredible fleet of classic and vintage yachts will compete for four straight days in the coastal waters of Barcelona
  • Barcelona residents and tourists from around the globe can witness this floating museum in action from several convenient sentinels such as Port Vell, the Barceloneta or the Olympic Marina
  • For nine consecutive years, some 500 competitors have delighted fans with a spectacular show few international capitals can offer


Once again, Barcelona is preparing to host the Puig Vela Clàssica Barcelona regatta, which will bring together the planet’s most historic classic and vintage yachts for its 9th edition. This year, the event will take place July 13th to the 16th at the Barcelona Royal Yacht Club.

Thanks to the avid participation of these nautical relics, the event’s national and international appeal has continued to grow, garnering success year after year, since its inauguration in 2008. Ships from Spain, France, Italy, England, Germany, the Netherlands and the USA will sail to the Barcelona to participate in this competition, which has been established as one of the key events in the world of classical navigation.

For four days, the entire city will enjoy a truly unique display, which can only be witnessed in a few exotic locations in the world, such as Antigua, Antibes, the Isle of Wight, Newport or Cannes. During this brief window, the Barcelona Royal Yacht Club’s docks will be transformed into a floating museum filled with seafaring camaraderie and a chic, sophisticated atmosphere that can only be found here, amongst classic yacht aficionados.

The 9th edition of the Puig Vela Clàssica Barcelona regatta is already a key event on the calendar of its international participants, ship owners and fans of classic Mediterranean sailing. In fact, from one year to the next, the national and international media buzz acclaiming the elegance and appeal of this event increases.

Foto NP regata Puig

Different emblematic venues of the city

In 2015, the sports event brought together more than 500 sailors and countless sea lovers. The nautical competitions will be held close to the shoreline and can be seen from various emblematic outlooks, such as Port Vell, Barceloneta or the Olympic marina. This year is expected to continue with the same high level of participation as the previous editions.

Two of the ships already registered include local sailboats, the  Alba  and the Yanira , both of which are previous winners of this classic regatta. Eminent names such as the Kelpie of Falmouth, Mariette, Islander and the Eilean have also confirmed their presence in this year’s line-up. The Regatta is expecting confirmation within the next few days from more classics like the Manitou and the Moonbeam III and IV.

All those who find themselves in this cosmopolitan city can enjoy the luxury of contemplating first-hand these centuries-old boats, all of which are genuine masterpieces. Many of these boats hold great historic legacies, as is the case for the Manitou, converted by US President John F. Kennedy into his presidential ship, and dubbed it the floating White House.

Another wonderful example is the Mariette, that was requisitioned by the US Coast Guard during World War II to keep an eye on the Western seaboard. In short, a whole boatload of marine masterpieces that compete year after year for a coveted trophy – the European classic yachting benchmark.

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